Social and political issues take a dark turn in horror-thriller “Red Pill”

Social and political issues take a dark turn in horror-thriller "Red Pill"
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Red Pill (2021) is not only a movie dealing with the social and political situation of the United States of America. Because at the eve of the 2020 election, a posse of progressives rides into red country armed with heart, humor, and naiveté. They should have brought heavy artillery.

Despite the glaring warning signs that Cassandra is so keenly aware of, the group ignore the red flags and focus on their triumphant dreams of getting the vote out​. ​ A frightening ​prescient ​look at ​​the weaponization of Whiteness in America​; their dreams of getting the vote out are quickly slashed—death is their final ballot entry.

This is the debut feature film of award-winning actress Tonya Pinkins, who is known for her participation in the TV series Fear the Walking Dead (2015–) and Gotham (2014–2019). She also plays the main role of Cassandra.

The rest of the cast also includes popular faces like Rubén Blades (Predator 2 (1990), Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)), Catherine Curtin (Stranger Things (2016–)), Kathryn Erbe (Stir of Echoes (1999)), Tim Halvorsen, Barbara Hunter, Luba Mason, Alli Ryan Motley, Jake O’Flaherty, Adesola A. Osakalumi, Ifeanyi Osili, and Maija Pinkins.

Writer and director Tonya Pinkins said about the film “I wrote my own personal Get Out (2017). #Uprising2020 is White people waking up to the world Black and Brown folks have always known. Black women are intimately familiar with “Becky” and “Karen,” White women, who on the low end of the spectrum treat us as invisible, and on the high end weaponize their whiteness and sometimes cost us our lives. Red Pill (2021)’s #Karensgonewild is a dose of what’s coming to America if liberal Whites don’t wake up”.

The movie has achieved a good collection of awards in festivals like Anatomy Crime and Horror Film Festival, Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Five Continents International Film Festival, and Independent Horror Movie Awards. Now it is scheduled for a digital release on December 3, 2021, by Midnight Releasing.

Watch here the official trailer for Red Pill (2021).

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