Supernatural revenge takes place in horror Netflix mini-series “Brand New Cherry Flavor”

Supernatural revenge takes place in horror Netflix mini-series "Brand New Cherry Flavor"
Rosa Salazar in Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021). Photo by Merie Weismiller Wallace - © 2021 - Netflix

Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021) is an upcoming television horror drama limited series created by Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion based on the novel of the same name by Todd Grimson. And it is some sort of a revenge flick, but it has much more behind it.

It centers on Lisa Nova, an aspiring film director in the sun-drenched but seamy world of 1990 Los Angeles, who embarks on a mind-altering journey of supernatural revenge that gets nightmarishly out of control. A hallucinatory rabbit hole of sex, magic, revenge, and kittens.

The 8-episodes series is starred by Rosa Salazar, who has gained international recognition after playing the title character in Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel (2019). She has also taken part in Bird Box (2018), Submerged (2016), the Maze Runner movie series, and American Horror Story (2011–) TV series. With her, Mark Acheson, Daniel Doheny, Catherine Keener, Eric Lange, Siena Werber, Leland Orser, and Hannah Levien also star.

The creators of the series, Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion, already worked together in the SYFY TV series Channel Zero (2016–2018). Gandja Monteiro, Jake Schreier, Matt Sobel, Arkasha Stevenson, and Nick Antosca are the directors of the episodes.

Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021) is premiering on August 13, 2021, on Netflix. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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