Take a look at ghost-shark movie “From the Depths”

Take a look at ghost-shark movie "From the Depths"

The horror panorama is plagued with ghost movies and shark movies. Some are better than others, some became more popular sagas than others, and some are forgettable and others are must-sees. But, right now, I can’t think of a ghost-shark-movie, can you?

From the Depths (2020) tells the story of a young woman that after surviving a shark attack is plagued by nightmares of being stalked in the dark sea by a ravenous predator, and hallucinations of visits from her sister and boyfriend, both of who were killed in the attack.

Jose Montesinos has been the producer, writer, and director of From the Depths (2020). He is a prolific filmmaker also responsible for titles like Nightmare Wedding (2016), Dream House Nightmare (2017), Sinister Minister (2017), 5 Headed Shark Attack (2017), Surrounded (2018), and Secrets in the Snow (2020).

The movie is starred by Angelica Briones, who has participated in other horror movies like Torment a love story (2015), Blade the Iron Cross (2020), and Dead Voices (2020). Together with her, Terra Strong, Marissa Godinez, Liz Fenning, Taylor Jorgensen, and debutant dog-actor Flea Cullom complete the main cast.

From the Depths (2020) was part of the American genre film festival Another Hole in the Head Film Festival last December, and it’s also been available on-demand in some countries. Sometime this year it is expected to be available on a global scale. For the moment, here you can watch its official trailer.

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