Take a look at horror anthologies “The 100 Candles Game” and “Dark Whispers: Volume 1”

Take a look at horror anthologies "The 100 Candles Game" and "Dark Whispers: Volume 1"

The 100 Candles Game (2020) and Dark Whispers: Volume 1 (2019) are two horror anthologies that despite the similarities they still have enough distinct facts that serve as an excuse to tell a set of tales directed by several filmmakers.

The 100 Candles Game (2020) has the peculiarity of being directed by a big international set of filmmakers Victor Català, Brian Deane, Oliver Lee Garland, Guillermo Lockhart, Tony Morales, Nicolás Onetti, Nicholas Peterson, Daniel Rübesam, and Christopher West coming from the countries Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, India, and United States.

The movie has its start point when a group of friends reunited to play a game. Each one of them expects to get something about it. The rules of the game are to tell a story of horror for each candle.

The movie is starred by Magui Bravi, Luz Champané, Amparo Espinola, Clara Kovacic, Agustin Olcese, Amy Smart, and James Wright.

The 100 Candles Game (2020) was part of the American film festival Telluride Horror Show in October 2020, and since January this year, it is available on-demand. Here you can watch its official trailer.

On the other side, Dark Whispers: Volume 1 (2019) is an Australian film where a young woman inherits her mother’s Book of Dark Whispers only to discover 10 disturbing tales within its pages. 11 female filmmakers from across Australia, Angie Black, Jub Clerc, Lucy Gouldthorpe, Katrina Irawati Graham, Janine Hewitt, Briony Kidd, Isabel Peppard, Marion Pilowsky, Madeleine Purdy, Megan Riakos, and Kaitlin Tinker, are responsible for the different segments forming the film.

Andrea Demetriades, Bree Desborough, Tosh Greenslade, Asher Keddie, Ed Speleers, and the special participation of Anthony LaPaglia form the main cast for the anthology.

Dark Whispers: Volume 1 (2019) had the world premiere in Australia on August 30, 2019, way before the COVID-19 pandemic. On January 25, 2021, it had its internet release. Watch here its official trailer.