Take a look at “Lost in Apocalypse”, a zombies rollercoaster film from China

Take a look at "Lost in Apocalypse", a zombies rollercoaster film from China

Although born in China, filmmaker Sky Wang has spent all his life between UK, Canada, and the USA. Graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a film degree and after two awarded short films in English language You Bet (2012) and Final Revision (2010), he decided to move back to his origins in China to work on his debut feature film. And the result is the action horror flick called Lost In Apocalypse (2018).

Although first it was set to be an adaptation from the graphic novel by Ruibo Cao of Tencent Comics, the storyline finally took a different path, although the global theme and most of the characters remain from the original. In Lost In Apocalypse (2018), a group of people fights their way out of a virus-infested hotel. The mysterious virus outbreak turns people into blood-lusting beings. Stuck in several rooms of the hotel, the people might decide if they better stay in what seems to be momentary safe spots, or to try to leave the building in order to find a safer place or other survivors.

The movie story was conceived by Baiying Wu, and director Sky Wang penned the screenplay. Martin Yang, Mingyi Yang, E’Naan Zhang, Ray Wang, Fengzhu Jia, Qianhua Chen, Simpson Tang, Man Yang, Caesar Zhang and Senchen Tang star in the film. Lost In Apocalypse (2018) has had a long international festivals run, including HorrorHound Film Festival, FilmQuest, Queen City Film Festival, Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival and Screamfest Horror Film Festival, only to name a few, where it has achieved a good collection of wins and nominations. It is also scheduled to be part of the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival this November.

It is fair to think after the festivals season, and concerning the success and good reviews it’s achieving, the movie will get some limited theatrical screenings before becoming part of some streaming catalog and a domestic video release. For more information regarding Lost In Apocalypse (2018) feel free to follow their Facebook page. And watch here its official trailer in original Mandarin language with English subtitles: