The FBI must fight to release the hostages in a police station in “Lockdown”

The FBI must fight to release the hostages in a police station in "Lockdown"

Lockdown (2022) is another straight-to-video action thriller that will entertain the fans of the genre. The classic cops against crooks film.

Chaos reigns in Los Angeles when three criminals, led by a psychotic mastermind named McMasters, take over a police station and threaten to kill everyone in it unless a large ransom is paid. FBI special agent Roger Kinkaid uses his extensive knowledge in a bid to outwit the criminals and save the hostages, but one question remains: even if they get their money, how can they possibly escape?

This is the new movie of prolific horror and action filmmaker Massimiliano Cerchi, the director and producer of movies like Satan Claus (1996), Hellinger (1997), Carnage Road (2000), The Night Shift (2016), The House of Evil (2017), Mayday (2019), or The Penthouse (2021). He’s also the writer of the story. His frequent collaborator Rod Smith was in charge of the screenplay.

The star of the film is Michael Paré, a veteran actor popular in low-budget and B-movie productions but that has also participated in popular films like The Virgin Suicides (1999), The Lincoln Lawyer (2011), and Gone (2012). Bai Ling, known for her mostly supporting iconic roles in The Crow (1994) and Crank: High Voltage (2009), also stars in a cast that also includes Michael Wainwright, Scott Engrotti, Raj Kala, Chanel Ryan, and Bishop Stevens.

Lockdown (2022) is Rated R for violence, pervasive language, and crude/violent sexual content. The movie is scheduled for a digital release on May 10, 2022, by Lionsgate. Watch here its official trailer.