The horrors of being the care-taker in an isolated house in “The Haunted” (+ clip)

The horrors of being the care-taker in an isolated house in "The Haunted" (+ clip)

Ghosts won’t stop scaring us with or without pandemics threading our welfare. A young caregiver arrives at an isolated house and her night turns into a nightmare as she is tormented by a vengeful spirit, as she starts to uncover the house’s dark secrets. That is the source story of The Haunted (2018).

Employed as a night nurse for the ailing Mr. Cunningham, a young carer, Emily, arrives at an isolated house in the English countryside for her first night shift, expecting an uneventful evening ahead. After stepping inside the house, and left alone with her silent new patient, she is unable to shake a growing sense of dread. As the night draws on, unease blossoms into terror as signs of a supernatural presence grow increasingly harder to ignore. Desperate to escape the premises, yet unwilling to leave the old man behind, the girl is forced to confront the dark secrets which lie buried in the house – secrets that drive her towards an appalling revelation.

The Haunted (2018) has been written and directed by David Holroyd, a filmmaker with a wide experience in TV series and documentaries whose debut film was the spies thriller W.M.D. (2009). Sophie Stevens, Nick Bayly, Maggie Daniels, Virginia Denham, Ray MacAllan, and Kirstie Steele form the main cast.

The Haunted (2018) premiered at Screamfest Film Festival in October 2018, and it is now when Vertical Entertainment has scheduled the film for a Video on Demand release on May 22, 2020. Bloody-Disgusting shared last week an exclusive clip entitled “Ouija” on their official YouTube channel where we can see the ghost of a young girl inhabiting the house toying with the scared carer. You can watch the clip here: