“The Last Rite”: A demonic entity takes over a medical student

"The Last Rite": A demonic entity takes over a medical student
Photo © Nocturnal Pictures

For his debut feature film, The Last Rite (2021), actor and filmmaker Leroy Kincaide has chosen a story based on his own real-life paranormal experiences. The movie is a mysterious and dark horror tale.

In it, medical student Lucy, suffering from sleep paralysis, finds herself plagued by a demonic entity after moving in with her boyfriend. Torn between sanity and the unknown, Lucy seeks help from a local priest forced to make a deathly choice. With the clock ticking, will Lucy escape the dark force consuming her from inside?

Leroy Kincaide, who has been in supporting roles in titles like Hard Tide (2015), I Am Vengeance (2018), or The Lethal Game (2017), and had some experience being behind a few short films, is the producer, writer, and director of The Last Rite (2021). The main cast for the movie is formed by Bethan Waller, Hella Stichlmair, Tara Hoyos-Martinez, Johnny Fleming, Deborah Blake, David Kerr, Simon Rhys-Jones, and Ian Macnaughton.

The Last Rite (2021) had its world premiere at Frightfest this summer. Here you can find the trailer.

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