“The Legend Begins: Doll-Face”: A getaway with friends becomes a fight for survival

"The Legend Begins: Doll-Face": A getaway with friends becomes a fight for survival
Photo © envisionary pictures

The Legend Begins: Doll-Face (2021) is a horror movie that starts with one of the used premises of the genre: a group of friends having a vacation trip that ends up with them fighting to survive from a murderous killer.

What started out as a harmless weekend getaway with friends quickly escalates to a fight for survival. Attempting to improve his social media presence Andrew Davis booked a weekend stay at a manor in the middle of nowhere. This however isn’t just any manor, this manor once belonged to the infamous killer known as Glenn Krolls. The plan is to stage a seance attempting to lure Glenn to this world but unknown to the group Glenn is very much alive and living in the very house that they are staying in and he doesn’t take kindly to visitors.

This is the new movie produced, written, and directed by Jamar Alston after Deadly Passion (2021) and Misconstrued (2016).

The main cast for The Legend Begins: Doll-Face (2021) is formed by Amber Barnes, Nelson J. Davis, Andres Levi, Nikki Syn Moore, Clifton Pearsall, Eleanor Combs, Norquon Morgan, Mintaka Brower, Jermaine Sledge, Lina Linden, and Michelle Harts.

The movie is already available on digital channels. Here you can watch the trailer for The Legend Begins: Doll-Face (2021).