“The Predator” is in the works

"The Predator" is in the works

Another classic of horror and science fiction character that seems its legacy once again rebooted is The Predator. The merciless green blooded hunter from out of space will star a new film scheduled to hit theatres by next year. And since the pre-production is still in its early steps, some are the few news that are seeing the light.

It was already know since last year 2016 that Shane Black is in charge of the co-writting and direction. One of the most interesting screen writers in Hollywood from the late 1980s and 1990s, Black signed the script for many favorites of our childhood and young age. His are the texts from The Monster Squad (1987), The Last Boy Scout (1991) or The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996). Also, as a curiosity, Shane Black wrote the scripts for films starred by the original main actors in the first 2 Predator installments. He wrote Last Action Hero (1993), starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had main role in Predator (1987); and also Lethal Weapon (1987), with Danny Glover, who leaded cast in Predator 2 (1990). Since the new millenium, Black has made then step forward to also direct his own scripts, most notably with Iron Man Three (2013), so his candidacy for this The Predator (2018) was the chosen one.

About the cast, Thomas Jane (a genre loved one thanks to his work in The Mist (2007), Punisher (2004) and many other great films) was recently made public to join the rest of the names under Shane Black’s orders, where we will also find Sterling K. Brown, Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Keegan Michael Key and Trevante Rhodes. We are still craving for the rumors of Arnold Schwarzenegger having a cameo in the film to become true.

It was said The Predator (2018) is a sequel from the classic films, so it won’t follow the alternative plots set with Paul W.S. Anderson’s AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004) and AVPR: Aliens vs Predator – Requiem (2007). The film is planned to be Rated-R, so it is sad but true not to be expecting the gruesome and gore from the old times. Still, what we claim from a film with that name is to provide a good enjoyable amount of action and thriller. After all, it’s the most 2 dangerous species in the universe and is coming to planet Earth for some hunting sports, right? That can’t end up pretty.

"The Predator" is in the works

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