The search of her missing husband unleashes unthinkable horrors in “Last Radio Call”

The search of her missing husband unleashes unthinkable horrors in "Last Radio Call"

The horror subgenre called found-footage wasn’t as exploited as it is in the current times back in the last century. Whatever horrifying things could be found in video cameras or other recording devices have always been candy for horror storytellers, but it wasn’t until the unexpected hit The Blair Witch Project (1999) that it became a recurrent start point for numerous productions. And in the same tradition, here we have Last Radio Call (2021).

The movie centers around Officer David Serling, who went missing inside the abandoned Yorktown Memorial Hospital on June 30th, 2018. One year later, his wife has hired a film crew to help bring light on what really happened that night. Using recovered body cam footage, she discovers a dark secret that sends her spiraling down a horrific path of an ancient evil. She must now face an unknown terror to find the answers she desperately seeks.

This is the new movie of producer, writer, and director Isaac Rodriguez, here also the editor of the film. He is popular by a bunch of horror short and feature titles that include Unknown Visitor (2019) and The Stream (2017).

The main cast of Last Radio Call (2021) is formed by Sarah Froelich, frontwoman of the power electronics joint Consumer Electronics debuting in a feature film, Jason Scarbrough, June Griffin Garcia, Ali Alkhafaji, and Keekee Suki.

The movie is scheduled for a release on the Terror Films channel on January 14, 2022, and on digital a week later on the 21st. Watch here the official trailer of Last Radio Call (2021).