Tom Holland wants Fright Night 3 to happen

Tom Holland wants Fright Night 3 to happen

Tom Holland (not to be mistaken with Tom Six of Holland) was one of those important names in small horror classics of the 1980s. Writer of titles like Child’s Play (1988) and director of the Stephen King’s adaptation of Thinner (1996), he might probably be better known for being responsable of Fright Night (1985). If the other day we were talking about the post-production of his latest film Rock Paper Dead (2017), now we have to mention the possibility of Fright Night 3 to happen.

As Tom Holland himself mentioned on Twitter that in a couple of years the rights for Fright Night will come back to him. The novel for Fright Night 3 is almost a fact, so the filmmaker thinks the natural happening would be to produce the third film. That would be the follow up for Fright Night Part 2 (1988) which was directed by Tommy Lee Wallace.

It’s easy to assume this third installation would follow the steps of the classic 1980s films, and not the remakes produced latelly. We must remember Fright Night (2011) was an ok film, but didn’t bring much new to the story. And its follow up Fright Night 2 (2013) was totally unnecessary.

At dKillerPanda World we wish the best of lucks to Tom Holland in the dangerous world of royalties fights; that is the real horror. Because the fans want to know what in his head.

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