Tony Todd stars in horror-thriller “Stoker Hills”

Tony Todd stars in horror-thriller "Stoker Hills"

Perhaps he is best known for his chilling performance as Candyman (1992), a movie that became an instant cult classic and turned him into a horror icon trademarking his towering physique and deep dark strong voice, but Tony Todd has dedicated most of his career to horror movies. Both independent or big productions, he has been seen in movies like The Crow (1994), Hatchet (2006), Sushi Girl (2012), Jack the Reaper (2011), The Family (2011), Sky Sharks (2020), and the Final Destination franchise, besides participating in other genres notorious films like science-fiction The Man from Earth (2007) and action thriller The Rock (1996). Very prolific and always active, one of his most recent works is the horror and mystery thriller Stoker Hills (2020).

With the working title Streetwalkers, the movie centers on three college students who set out to film a horror movie for their final class project, but during filming something goes terribly wrong. They suddenly find themselves in a nightmare worse than they could have written. Luckily, some of the footage of their abduction is captured on a camera that is later found by two detectives. It’s now a race against time as the detectives must use clues in the video to rescue the students and uncover the identity of their kidnapper. As the detectives get closer to their location, they find themselves in the middle of a dense forest on the outskirts of Stoker Hills, and what they uncover is far worse than anything the town has ever seen.

This is the new movie from producer and director Benjamin Louis, after his previous films State’s Evidence (2004) and Pledge of Innocence (2001). The screenplay has been written by the feature film debutant and co-producer of the movie Jonah Kuehner.

Besides Tony Todd, the main cast for Stoker Hills (2020) is formed by Steffani Brass, David Gridley, Vince Hill-Bedford, William Lee Scott, Tyler Clark, Eric Etebari, Danny Nucci, Thomas R. Martin, Joy McElveen, Maya Nucci, Michael Faulkner, Jason Sweat, and veteran John Beasley (Lost Souls (2000), The Gift (2000), The Purge: Anarchy (2014), Sinister 2 (2015)) as Dr. Jonathan Brooks.

Stoker Hills (2020) had its premiere at Molins Film Festival on November 13, 2020. Now, it is scheduled for a limited theatrical and digital release by Screen Media on January 14, 2022. You can watch its trailer here.

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