Trailer: A mysterious labyrinth-like neighborhood trap a young couple in “Vivarium”

Trailer: A mysterious labyrinth-like neighborhood trap a young couple in "Vivarium"

Lorcan Finnegan is a filmmaker that after his multi-awarded short film Foxes (2012) decided to take the step of directing a feature film with supernatural deep-in-the-woods horror film Without Name (2016) [read our review here]. Written by Garret Shanley, the film had an international success after its run in international festivals like Toronto International Film Festival, London Film Festival, or Sitges Film Festival. Now, the tandem has joined forces again with their second film Vivarium (2019), where Lorcan Finnegan repeats as the director and collaborates with the story that Garret Shanley has been in charge of writing.

Vivarium (2019) tells the story of a young couple who is thinking about buying their starter home. And to this end, they visit a real estate agency where they are received by a strange sales agent, who accompanies them to a new, mysterious, peculiar housing development to show them a single-family home. There they get trapped in a surreal, maze-like nightmare.

Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots, playing the young couple, are the stars of the show. This is the third time they share the screen after working together in Solitary Man (2009) and The Art Of Self Defence (2019). Together with them, Jonathan Aris, Shana Hart, Eanna Hardwicke, Danielle Ryan, and Olga Wehrly also star.

Vivarium (2019) had a long film festivals run along the last year, which included Cannes Film Festival, with a nomination for the Critics’ Week Grand Prize and winning the Gan Foundation Support for Distribution, Sitges Film Festival, with Imogen Poots winning Best Actress and the movie being nominated for the Official Fantàstic Competition for Best Motion Picture, Fantasia International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Fantasy Filmfest, Fantastic Fest, Busan International Film Festival, London Film Festival, Stockholm International Film Festival, Molins Film Festival and Splat!FilmFest Horror Film Festival.

Shortly after its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2019, Saban Films acquired distribution rights to the film. it is scheduled to open in March. Here you can watch the trailer for the movie: