Trailer for horror thriller “All Light Will End”

Trailer for horror thriller "All Light Will End"

All Light Will End (2018) is the first long feature film of writer and director Chris Blake (credited in the movie as Christopher Blake Johnson) after a few short films. Although the recurrent themes in his short movies were closer to the drama and romance thematic, he has chosen to get deep into the waters of horror thriller of inner personal ghosts and troubled pasts haunting the characters. Always with a terrifying resolution, of course.

In All Light Will End (2018), young, successful horror novelist Savannah Martin’s new book is taking the genre by storm. Her father, the police chief of her small hometown, investigates murders and foul play too grim for their bucolic life. As she and her friends settle in for a relaxing weekend at her childhood home, the dark secret at the crux of Savannah’s success stirs in her dreams and seeps into her reality. Amidst sexual tensions and fireside stories, Savannah’s despondency and her father’s case collide with gruesome and horrifying reveals, leaving little distinction between the subconscious and reality.

Jason Hill, co-writer of the director’s short films, also co-signs the screenplay for this movie. Sarah Butler, Andy Buckley, Katie Garfield, John Schuck, Sam Jones III, Alexandra Harris, James J. Fuertes, Ashley Pereira, Kate Kilcoyne and Aaron Munoz star. Since its premiere at the Horrorhound Film Festival, All Light Will End (2018) has been screened in several festivals, including Toronto International Spring of Horror, Derby Film Festival, Nashville Independent Film Festival or the Tupelo Film Festival, where it won the Best Feature Film award.

All Light Will End (2018) is expected to be released this November in the USA. You can watch here its official trailer: