Trailer for “Pet Graveyard” coming out in April

Trailer for "Pet Graveyard" coming out in April

First of all, don’t get yourself fooled by the title, this is not another version of the popular horror novel by writer Stephen King Pet Sematary. Although the plot situation could have some similarities this one goes a little bit different. In Pet Graveyard (2019), a group of teens are tormented by the Grim Reaper and his pet after undergoing an experiment that allows them to revisit the dead.

The group of youngsters want to bend the laws of reason and human anatomy and experiment an after-death sensation. Something very close to what Joel Schumacher proposed in his mystery thriller Flatliners (1990) almost 3 decades ago. Only this time the rashy kids don’t bring back a supernatural personification of their inner fears, but a classic folklore character of the souls-taker. In other words, Death himself.

Pet Graveyard (2019) is directed by indie filmmaker Rebecca Matthews of Proportion Productions and is been written by Suzy Spade. Claire-Maria Fox, Rita Siddiqui, Heronimo Sehmi, David Cotter, Andrew Hollingworth, Kate Milner Evans, Jessica Otoole, Mike Kelson, Kate Lush, Hattie Willow and Georgina Jane star in the film.

It’s been announced that Pet Graveyard (2019) is coming out in April this year, probably as a straight to video and Video on Demand product. You can watch its trailer here:

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