Trailer for science-fiction drama “Auggie”

Trailer for science-fiction drama "Auggie"
Susan Blackwell, Richard Kind, and Simone Policano in a scene of Auggie (2019)

Auggie (2019) is a science-fiction and drama movie about a man who falls in love with an augmented reality companion, to the detriment of his relationship with his wife and daughter. The movie is the debut feature film of director Matt Kane, who also wrote the screenplay together with his frequent collaborator and producer Marc Underhill.

Auggie (2019) centers Felix Greystone, a man who at his early retirement party is given a pre-release version of an Auggie, a pair of augmented reality smart glasses that project a perfectly human companion onto his world. When Felix’s wife Anne gets a promotion and his daughter Grace gets serious with her boyfriend, Felix suddenly feels very alone. He opens up to his new companion, AUGGIE, and is recognized and appreciated by her. He feels the ache of loneliness dissipate. AUGGIE reawakens a passion in Felix, and to his own surprise, he begins to fall for her. In a world that feels too good to be true, it’s difficult for Felix to recognize his increasing addiction to the technology, losing sight of what truly matters.

The movie is starred by Larisa Oleynik, Richard Kind, Christen Harper, Christine Donlon, Susan Blackwell, Steven Robertson, James C. Victor, and Simone Policano.

Auggie (2019) has been part of several American film festivals this year, including Cinequest Film Festival, Beverly Hills Film Festival, Newport Beach International Film Festival, Greenwich International Film Festival, Provincetown International Film Festival and SOHO International Film Festival, in which it won the SIFFNYC Filmmaker Award Feature Film.

Here you can watch the official trailer for Auggie (2019):

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