Trailer: Progress faces the supernatural in “A Deadly Legend”

Trailer: Progress faces the supernatural in "A Deadly Legend"

Progress should always be a good thing, but sometimes when greed steps in it could also become a machinery of destruction. History, tradition, and respect for the people and the environment should always be taken into consideration when we humans build what is supposed to be a better future, both in metaphorical as in actual ways. How many times ancient civilizations or cult and spiritual places have been destroyed because of capitalistic strategies waving the flag of progress? Both in real life and in fiction. Perhaps, the most recognizable movie dealing with this matter was Poltergeist (1982), when the company set a new housing project over ancient cemeteries (and then shit happened). The movie A Deadly Legend (2020) also deals with this idea. Let’s learn more about it.

In the movie, Joan Huntar, a real estate developer, buys an old summer camp. However, the property has a dark history of supernatural worship and human sacrifice. A celebration weekend turns deadly when construction uncovers the mythical Stonehenge of America. Deadly spirits are awakened and kill to gain control of this supernatural gateway. Unable to escape, Joan and her family must fight for survival and defeat the spirits from beyond.

A Deadly Legend (2020) is the debut film of Pamela Moriarty. It has been written by Eric Wolf, who also had the role of the executive producer. The cast is headed by two familiar faces as Lori Petty (Point Break (1991), Tank Girl (1995)) and Corbin Bernsen (The Dentist (1996), Menno’s Mind (1997)). Together with them, Judd Hirsch, Kristen Anne Ferraro, Jeffrey Doornbos, Steven Hauck, Summer Crockett Moore, Wayne Pyle, John Pope, Eric Wolf, Dwayne A. Thomas, and Ariel de Ment also star.

A Deadly Legend (2020) is the first movie produced by the new banner REMcycle Productions. It has been scheduled to come out on Video on Demand on July 10, 2020. Here you can watch the official trailer for the movie:

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