Trailer for “Psychokinesis”, the newest movie by “Train to Busan”‘s director

Trailer for "Psychokinesis", the newest movie by "Train to Busan"'s director

South Korean filmmaker Sang-ho Yeon was one of the most popular names in international action and horror films of the past 2016 thanks to his superb zombie apocalypse masterpiece Train to Busan (2016) –Read our review here–. The frantic movie about a father trying to save his daughter from a zombie outcast happening in a long distance train on the way to the city of Busan achieve a lot of recognition and harvested a good handful of awards, including Best Director at Sitges International Film Festival 2016 and Best Feature Film at Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2016 among many many others.

That’s why his new film Psychokinesis (2018), is one of the most expected Asian movies of the season. This sort of fantasy and black comedy is about a man who accidentally finds himself one day with superpowers, and decides to use them to help his family and everybody around him. The movie has also been written by director Sang-ho Yeon. Names like Ryu Seung-ryong, Shim Eun-kyung, Park Jung-min, Kim Min-jae, Jung Yu-mi, Kim Do-yoon, Ye Soo-jung or Kim Yeong-seon are part of the cast.

The first trailer for Psychokinesis (2018) (in Korean, no English subtitles yet) was published last week and you can watch it here:

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