Vampires flick “Blood From Stone” is in post-production

Vampires flick "Blood From Stone" is in post-production
Vanja Kapetanovic and Gabriella Toth in a scene of "Blood from Stone"

Filmmaker Geoff Ryan has recently finished the filming of what is called to be his next release, and its entitled Blood Form Stone. The movie is the first original production by Indie Rights, an American distribution company specialized in VoD services.

An awarded filmmaker whose most notorious work to date is the post-war drama Fray (2012) has chosen a very classic theme in the horror culture for his newest work, vampires. A genre that despite its wide exploitation, sometimes with worst results than one could stand, is always up for a new vision. The romanticism and violent nature of those creatures cursed with their eternal life open the door for uncountable situations and plots of different genres. Because although the plot for Blood Form Stone hasn’t been revealed yet, it is most plausible to expect a story close to a drama and the horrors of being an undead bloodsucker, hopefully with a good dosage of bloody scenes, more than an action film with explosions and special effects.

Blood Form Stone was filmed over two months in several locations in Nevada, and Southern California, in the USA. The main stars of the movie are Serbian action star and theater performer Vanja Kapetanovic, and Hungarian actress and model Gabriella Toth. With them, Eric Cotti, Jennifer Elizabeth, Beckie King, Tommie Vegas, Joe Palubinsky, Kenneth Elston, Bri Ana Wagner and Nailya Shakirova form the main cast.

The movie Blood Form Stone is currently in post-production, and the goal for the people in Indie Rights is to have it ready to present it to the Cannes Film Market in May next year. Now we have to wait until the first teasers and trailer start to see the daylight. Well, perhaps I chose poorly the words, regarding a vampires movie…

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