Zombies and failed drug-busts in “Crack House of the Dead”

Zombies and failed drug-busts in "Crack House of the Dead"

To mix an undercover cops and drug dealers thriller film with a zombies horror survival? Why not? After all, we have seen worse crossovers in the world of cinema in the last years, right? Take a look at Crack House of the Dead (2021).

In the movie, on the dawn of a zombie outbreak, an undercover drug deal goes wrong forcing the cop, the dealer, and other urban misfits to take refuge in the last safe place in the city: a Crack House. A Crack Hosue of the Dead.

This is the new movie for the producer, writer, and director Jason Toler after werewolves horror Half Moon (2010). He is also one of the main actors of the film together with Steve Crest, Levi Bowling, and Katarina Law.

Crack House of the Dead (2021) is Rated R for violence and gore, rape, strong sexual content, graphic nudity, pervasive language, and drug content. The movie is coming out on June 18, 2021. Watch here its official trailer.