Baby Money (2021)

Baby Money (2021) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Baby Money
Year: 2021
Country: USA
Director: Mikhael Bassilli, Luc Walpoth
Main cast: Danay Garcia, Michael Drayer, Travis Hammer, Taja V. Simpson
Runtime: 93 minutes
Production company: Play Think Entertainment, Slated


Baby Money (2021) is the debut film of writer and director Mikhael Bassilli, with the also debutants Luc Walpoth as co-director and MJ Palo as co-writer. And, yet, and besides the filmmakers have experience in short films, this doesn’t feel like the work of a rookie.

It has the fresh ideas and the irreverence of a freshman, sure, but the global execution is flawless. Everything has been taken good care of. And, since the very first seconds, with the animation intro credits, one can feel we have in front a film that is going to have its own personality. The story is solid, with a collection of characters that although they find themselves in a situation that is not surprising for a fan of the thriller genre it still develops in a charismatic way. Being each one of the characters following a cliche, of course, because the crazy bad guy is pretty crazy and ruthless, the good-hearted bad guy is trying hard that everybody, intruders and victims, to get out alive, and the pregnant girlfriend who at first didn’t agree with the job proved to have a few cards under her sleeve.

The movie starts with a home invasion robbery that ends up not as expected, with gunshots and kills and with the robbers having to hide in a surrounding house when the police burst into the scene and have the area under vigilance. But the house they break into searching for refuge is also inhabited, obviously, so now they gotta deal with a new kidnapping situation. Now, with the cops on their asses and running out of time, they must find the way to get out of there alive.

A classic thriller movie setup that is solved in a very efficient way; from the side of the filmmakers, of course, the criminals might get in big trouble. The music, cinematography, and intense tone of the screenplay and the direction make the audience to be glued to the chair not missing one second of the action. And the proficient acting is what keeps the whole thing together making Baby Money (2021) a solid and enjoyable film.

Baby Money (2021) has no elements of horror, fantasy, or science-fiction, but yet it was a delightful opportunity for it to premiere at Fantasia Film Festival. And it’s a promising debut for their filmmakers. Recommended.

RATE: 6.5/10