Brut Force (2022)

Brut Force (2022) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Brut Force
Year: 2022
Country: USA
Director: Eve Symington
Main cast: Lelia Symington, Tyler Posey, Patricia Velasquez, Sidney Symington, Vico Escorcia
Runtime: 92 minutes
Production company: Akaasha Media, One Duck Egg Productions, XYZ Films (distribution)


Brut Force (2022) is a good thriller, and that is the best way to describe it. It has all the components to build a movie of the sort, the main protagonist with a background in the area where the crime and the mystery are going on, a credible plot based on a situation that could easily happen in real life, two powerful families in conflict, and a set of characters, not too extensive to deviate the attention from the important plot but not too limited so we get a taste of what the little Californian town is about.

The entire weight of the movie falls on the shoulders of Sloane, performed efficiently and convincingly by Lelia Symington. She grew up in that small farming town but left for the big city. Now she is back home and she is not a kid anymore, but a figure to respect if you are on the good side or fear if you are with the villains. So when trouble starts and the vineyard workers reach out to her seeking aid, she instantly becomes their only hope. A strong female character that displays all her power and expertise in such a natural way, not showing off but never chickening out, who becomes the most likable aspect of the movie.

Brut Force (2022) is the debut feature film of writer and director Eve Symington. A solid thriller, without any grandiloquence aspirations, only with the goal of making a good entertainment piece, a movie the audience can like. For some, it might become a forgettable watch but many others will embrace it and keep it in their heads for a while. I count myself in the second group, it resulted in a grateful experience to watch and it had some key moments to keep in mind.

The biggest asset in this movie is the story, and how the plot is flowing through the running time, all carried by the character of Sloane. A perfect example of how to build the development of the narrative, and how to use the environment where all the action is set to achieve a collection of beautiful postcards of the vast California land. The young director Eve Symington certifies a bright future in the genre, and also shows us that you don’t need a huge budget and a cast full of stars to construct a solid movie; just focus on a good idea, a well-built script, and a set of actors who trust in the project. A humility lesson for some.

Brut Force (2022) is out on digital on April 21, 2022, by XYZ Films. And if you can catch it, go for it. Probably it won’t become your favorite movie of the year, but I doubt it might disappoint you.

RATE: 6/10