Clara (2018)

Clara (2018) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Clara
Year: 2018
Country: USA, Canada
Director: Akash Sherman
Main cast: Patrick J. Adams, Troian Bellisario, Ennis Esmer
Runtime: 105 minutes
Production company: Serendipity Point Films

(2018) is one of those little science-fiction movies that can either be a great bet to watch or a disappointing failure. And very regretfully it is close to the second option. It’s not a rotund waste of time, but one can’t help to feel that the filmmakers could have made much more with a good start point idea they had in hands.

Akash Sherman, the director of the movie, also wrote the script from a story built together with James Ewasiuk, who also wrote together the director’s debut film, The Rocket List (2015). In this second long length adventure they have chosen one of the universal mysteries of mankind: Are we alone in this universe? As I mentioned before, the start point is catchy and intriguing. In fact, it is this plot what called my attention to choose to see this movie in front of many other options. The main problem here is that the fresh ideas get diluted along the running time, and what could have been an attractive science-fiction space research film ends up being a drippy pseudo-intellectual romance with the stars quest as background.

But the main problem of Clara (2018) is not that it becomes too sentimental and cliche romancing. The most annoying thing is how pretentious the movie is, The dialogs and final resolution try to be fresh and innovative, but the quality is not accompanying. Acting is not bad, but they can’t do much to keep the movie alive. The performers are mere sailors trying to salve a sinking ship. The script is weak, lacking the power and intrigue the global plot would require, and the direction is too accommodated, avoiding any risk and presenting things that the average sci-fi fan has seen plenty of times.

This review is resulting quite negative, but not everything in the movie is punishable. If something is to keep from Clara (2018) is the main idea, and the will for a good extraterrestrial research story it imprints on the audience. The scenarios and special effects are perhaps the strongest assets the movie has. But pretty images are not enough.

As a joke I told my friends I went to see Clara (2018) with that I wouldn’t be shocked if the movie becomes a new Netflix title soon. Science-fiction ideas with potential that become totally forgettable movies. It’s not a punishment to watch, but won’t save your day.

RATE: 4/10


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