Curve (2015)

Curve (2015) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Curve
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Director: Iain Softley
Main cast: Julianne Hough, Teddy Sears, Penelope Mitchell
Runtime: 81 minutes
Production company: Blumhouse Productions, LBI Entertainment, Ombra Films

Good that I can’t drive. Because with my bad luck and the amount of horror films I’ve seen in my life I would never take any hitchhiker, otherwise I’d be doomed and be the perfect case for a kidnap. And that’s the same I could say about any character that starts a movie driving a car in the middle of a desertic the road, those long and lonely roads of the United States of America. It could happen if you are a guy –The Hitcher (1986)-, it could happen if you are a group of friends just having fun –Joy Ride (2001)- or, in the case of Curve, a young girl alone driving miles and miles by her own.

So besides the obvious and easy main plot of the movie, what I really liked from this film was that the young, good looking and blonde main character (delightfully played by Julianne Hough) is not the average easy to scare scream queen. After the first minutes of the movie you can see she is the type of girl who doesn’t need a muscle man by her side to fix her problems, although she could always use one if he gets offered up. There is something about this movie that makes it not the same as always kind, but it still stays the same. Like if it is a mix of different themes of this kind of desert horror movies. At some moments reminds you of The Hills Have Eyes (1977), at some other moments Alexandre Aja‘s High Tension (2003), but always keeping you glued to your chair. And I can’t say it is because it has its own strong personality, I always felt like I was watching something I already saw before, but it’s a homage done in a very resolutive way.

Easy to understand, since this film comes from the hand of Iain Softley, a director who has been delivering interesting pieces from different genres since the 1990s. He is the guy who helped to bring back rock’n’roll movies with Backbeat (1994), and who also made of dream of another worlds with the fantastic science fiction piece K-PAX (2001). Okay, he also directed enormous pieces of shit like Hackers (1995), but his good manners in film are very appreciate in Curve.

So without going deep into the movie, I don’t want to bring any spoilers here in case you haven’t seen it, it is a well done not very original film. A little bit of everything, some minor plot changes, surprisingly good acting, decent script and direction, but still a film that you wouldn’t say it’s mandatory to watch. Although, if you want to, it will bring you a good short hour and half of horror thriller entertainment. After all, that’s what we are looking for, no?

RATE: 5,5/10