Faking A Murderer (2020)

Faking A Murderer (2020) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Faking A Murderer
Year: 2020
Country: USA
Director: Stuart Stone
Main cast: Adam Rodness, Stuart Stone, Tony Nappo, Josh Cruddas
Runtime: 95 minutes
Production company: 5’7 Films, Hollywood Suite, Breakthrough Entertainment


Since I saw at the Sitges Film Festival Peter Jackson’s mockumentary Forgotten Silver (1995) (and my friends made fun of me because I believed the movie, I even thought “oh, poor guy, he really had too much bad luck”) the fake documentaries subgenre has become one of my favorites. Mixing two interesting subjects like the knowledge a documentary can provide with the humor that can distill from inventing all sorts of crazy facts that somehow could seem to be true is a great combination. Especially if the story dealing with is something macabre as can be a serial killer.

Faking A Murderer (2020) has the structure and the tone of a documentary, and at first, it could pass as one if it wasn’t because of the situations and the stupidity of the main stars of the movie, Adam Rodness and Stuart Stone, who are also the writers, producers and the two people behind this movie, are too much to be true. Besides, the title already gives out the goal of the whole film, the so-called unreal true crime story is faker than a plastic Rolex.

But that doesn’t subtract any attractive to the film, because Faking A Murderer (2020) is the sort of comedy that keeps a smile on your face during the entire running time, and eventually at some points makes you laugh out loud. The chemistry between the two filmmakers and protagonists of the story is delicious, two best friends on the quest of trolling around the audiences. They don’t care if the situations and conversations are too surreal, because they are just having so much fun doing this movie within a movie that it works, it just works. And the rest of the supporting cast, that series of quirky characters they end up finding along the way, does nothing but adding up more powder to this explosive cocktail.

Despite how lousy and cheap everything might look at first, every detail in Faking A Murderer (2020) must have been meticulously planned. It is the kind of found-footage-style film, where you can see the crew on the screen being part of the acting team, as would happen in any other documentary, which instead of adding more credibility and authenticity to the inquiries they smartly become laughable elements. The outstanding performances of all the actors in the film may look like the whole thing was random or improvised, but all that nonsense must have been well studied and staged, or the results on the screen would have looked like a mess.

Faking A Murderer (2020) is one of those small gems that unless you caught it at some genre festival you’d miss. But now we’re lucky enough because it is scheduled for a release on digital on August 6, 2021. Catch it if you can, because this one is a winner. It has fun, detectivesque investigations, and bloody murdering. What else do we want? And what else do we need?

RATE: 7/10

IMDB URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt10612478

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