Kratt (2020)

Kratt (2020) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Kratt
Year: 2020
Country: Estonia
Director: Rasmus Merivoo
Main cast: Mari Lill, Nora Merivoo, Harri Merivoo
Runtime: 107 minutes
Production company: Tallifornia


I am still trying to figure out if Kratt (2020) is a kids’ movie or if the filmmakers just wanted to make a too dumb and silly comedy. And that is assuming that kids’ movies are meant to be dumb and silly, which shouldn’t be but it seems that is the new tendency nowadays. Because although the protagonists of the film are young kids doing young kids things and caring about young kids’ issues, the movie shows some –mild, very mild– gore and even a couple of porn jokes. So I think I make my mind as this is a movie for grown-ups, dumb and silly grown-ups.

Kratt (2020) has the structure and theme of a kids’ movie. The parents go on vacations and leave their two kids, a boy and a girl, with the grandma, in a rural house, and without their smartphones or internet. Here you got your easy cheesy setup, not very creative but still free to go on an interesting path. The problem is it doesn’t. Out of boredom, the kids decide to summon a Kratt, which ends up possessing their grandma. And, on the other side, the Governor of the town, a little corrupted but not very bright, of course, is dealing with a group of ecologists that wants to stop the deforestation of their sacred woods.

And that is pretty much it. Not very original ingredients leading to a bunch of unfunny situations, caricatural characters, and predictable developments. A lousy script accompanied by bad acting and unimaginative direction. Only one or two moments were almost funny, and Mari Lill playing the grandma might be the only decent thing to outstand in a positive way, because the rest becomes a very tedious watch.

The world of fantasy has no boundaries, two kids without their absorbing technological devices in the rural area of a small town should lead to a world of imagination. Or, at least, that is the theory when you aim to do a film with this concept. Instead, we let the grown-ups build a story from the point of view of adults without much of an imagination and the result is an apathetic film as Kratt (2020). A waste of time, it doesn’t work for adults and I have big doubts that it could work for kids.

RATE: 3/10