Prevenge (2017)

Prevenge (2017) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Prevenge
Year: 2016
Country: UK
Director: Alice Lowe
Main cast: Jo Hartley, Gemma Whelan, Kate Dickie, Alice Lowe
Runtime: 88 minutes
Production company: Gennaker, Western Edge Pictures

Some of you may know Alice Lowe from her appearance in Sightseers (2012), but her acting career starts long before with the british TV Comedy. After appearing in series as Little Britain (2003-2006) or Horrible Stories (2009-2016), she got known by her role as Tina, a psychopath tourist in Sightseers (2012), a comedy/crime film directed by Ben Wheatley that got the Best Screenplay Award at the British Independent Film Awards 2012 and the Best Screenplay and Best Actress (Alice Lowe) at the Sitges Film Festival 2012, among many other prizes coming from different festivals.

This year, Alice Lowe landed at Sitges Film Festival 2016 with Prevenge (2016), a movie that stays in that comedy/horror genre, and where she plays the main character as well as takes credit as director & writer (to mention: Edgar Wright appears in special thanks). Not only her performance is good, but also she has a promising directorial debut. The film got nominated in Stockholm Film Festival & at the British Independent Film Awards 2016, and got a Special Mention (Noves Visions ONE) at the Sitges Film Festival this year. The plot she wrote has the quality of being simple: a pregnant woman hears the voice from her unborn daughter, who tells her to kill people. That’s it. But hey! Every scene is enjoyable. Her portrayal of a psycho is solid, and the story combines good both gore & funny moments, accompanied by consolidated actors such as Kate Dickie (The Witch (2015), Game of Thrones (2011-2014)).

Not to be underestimated there’s also the fact that Alice Lowe was acting & directing while she was really pregnant. The movie was shoot on 11 days when she was seven months pregnant. Which makes the hole story much more realistic, and makes me wonder: how did she plan everything? Did she had the plot already before getting pregnant? Or was it all planned and produced in less than a year? It serves in any case as a good example of an unstoppable woman loving her work. And for me she succeeded on it, and I’m just waiting for her next film.

If you are of the curious kind, you need to check her official site:

RATE: 7/10