Red Snow (2021)

Red Snow (2021) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Red Snow
Year: 2021
Country: USA
Director: Sean Nichols Lynch
Main cast: Dennice Cisneros, Nico Bellamy, Laura Kennon, Vernon Wells
Runtime: 80 minutes
Production company: 26th Ave Films, Bursell Productions, Evolve Media Production


Red Snow (2021) is a very cute movie. And not only because its protagonist, Dennice Cisneros, exudes cuteness through all her pores, which she does, but also because the writer and director of the film, Sean Nichols Lynch, is well aware of that and he focuses the action to exploit that. And it works.

But Red Snow (2021) is not only a cute recommendable horror comedy because of the main actress. Its story, as silly as original, centers on a frustrated vampire-romance novelist who gets constant rejections from the publishing companies for her book. Until one day she finds herself nursing a wounded real vampire. The initial fear soon turns into curiosity, and she decides to use the vampire’s real-life experiences in order to make her stories more credible. And then some killings happen, there is lots of blood, dangerous situations with funny results, and a cute happy ending that surely will leave the audience with a pleasant smile on their face.

Refreshing, with some creative plot twists, never falling in the easy self-indulgence, and with the only objective of giving a fun time to its audience, Red Snow (2021) is the kind of movie that would work perfectly in a horror film festival, with the crowd celebrating the splattering of the blood and the ridiculously laughable situations. But it also works as a solitary watch at home, 80 minutes of fun and distraction.

The structure of the narrative is smart, bringing the conflict at the right moment and keeping the movie alive during the entire running time. The story is simple and the film is well directed, paying attention to the little details like the very cozy cabin in Lake Tahoe the little vampires lover resides in. Even she is called Olivia Romo, what is cuter than that?

Set in Christmas time, if you are in the mood for a season movie but still want to stay away from the nauseous typical good-hearted Hollywood crap, with all those kids running around and screaming out loud, the shitty music, the consumerism propaganda, and the rancid morals, Red Snow (2021) is a perfect alternative. So be ready for when the movie comes out on December 28.

RATE: 6/10