Sky Sharks (2020)

Sky Sharks (2020) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Sky Sharks
Year: 2020
Country: Germany
Director: Marc Fehse
Main cast: Eva Habermann, Barbara Nedeljakova, Thomas Morris
Runtime: 110 minutes
Production company: Fuse Box Films, Slice Production Studios


Well, really, what do you expect from a movie called “Sky Sharks”, and with a plot having Nazi zombies attacking the world riding flying fucking fishes that can throw missiles? In the same line as its big sister Iron Sky (2012), Sky Sharks (2020) delivers what you expect: crazy science, gore and fun, and lots of implausible situations. But that’s exactly what we wanted.

So, if you are my kind, if you are reading this article with a smile on your face because you already know what you are expecting from a title like Sky Sharks (2020), I have good news and bad news. Yes, there are some action scenes where the gore is abundant, lots of funny gruesome deaths, amputated members flying around, blood-splattered faces, and some of the most original killings I have seen in a while. But the problem is the movie lacks a good pace, there are a lot of plotting moments where the action is slow and the long conversations get boring. Luckily, it’s weird science, so even when the characters get intense in their speech what they say is funny enough. After all, worldwide governments are deciding how to face the attack of Nazi zombies on flying sharks, how serious can you get?

But, if you want to get serious, the movie also has a strong and ironic anti-war message, in the style of what Paul Verhoeven did in RoboCop (1987) and, especially, in Starship Troopers (1997). But, let’s face it, Sky Sharks (2020) will never be in the history books for being a political and pacifist landmark. Actually, will it get to the history books? Well, the movie can bring a fun watch, but it might not become a cult classic as Iron Sky (2012) has. Still, if the filmmakers make any sequels for Sky Sharks (2020) I’ll be the first in line to see them!

The best in Sky Sharks (2020) is, without a doubt, the bloody action scenes. Every time the zombie Nazis are on the screen, fun is guaranteed. The weak point? The acting and direction are too weak to support the long talking and plotting scenes and that kinda kills the hotness all the deaths provide. Seriously, those Nazi zombies are evil, and they have good machinery and a big enough army to put Earth in trouble, we need to see more of them! In the meantime, Sky Sharks (2020) is what we got, and that’s good enough. But, beware, you gotta know what you’re watching! This movie is just bloody for fun, so don’t come whining if you got it wrong.

RATE: 5/10


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