The Call (2020)

The Call (2020) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: The Call
Year: 2020
Country: USA
Director: Timothy Woodward Jr.
Main cast: Chester Rushing, Erin Sanders, Lin Shaye, Tobin Bell
Runtime: 87 minutes
Production company: Single Malt Productions, Appreciated Films, BondIt Media Capital, Kalispel Tribal Holdings


The most notable thing when one is facing the movie The Call (2020) is the fact that it is starred by Lin Shaye and Tobin Bell, two veteran actors which after a long career they have reached big popularity in the horror scene recently thanks to their participation in the hit franchises Insidious (Shaye) and Saw (Bell). The thing is that, which is merely anecdotal, is the only non-negative fact to outstand from the movie.

Since the very beginning of its running time, The Call (2020) shows a weakly written screenplay, not very enthusiastic direction, and too limited acting. The problem is that keeps increasing while the movie goes on, until the point that it becomes a painful and boring watch.

The plot idea from The Call (2020) is not the most original one, but it could have some potential. A group of high schoolers targets their rage on an old woman, played by Lin Shaye, accusing her of witchcraft and being responsible for the disappearance and death of one of the girl’s sister. But when the woman dies under strange circumstances, the group of 4 teens finds itself playing a game where the mystery turns supernatural and deadly. But don’t get high hopes, because long tedious scenes that bring nowhere, a lousy script, and a very static direction without any sense of dynamism will deprive the story to go anywhere decent. And although there is a small plot twist towards the end, it is also executed in such an incapable way that even that little relief is withheld.

In a visual aspect, The Call (2020) creates a good atmosphere full of darkness, mystery, and obscurity. The art department and director of photography managed to carry on with their tasks efficiently. The trailer for the movie could raise some interest since it is candy for the eyes of a lover of the horror and the wicked. But that’s only a mirage, it is impossible to withstand an entire movie in a bunch of well-built enlightened sets, the story, the direction, and at least a tiny bit of inspired acting are also needed. And this movie lacks those basic factors.

Shudder has released The Call (2020) on digital on June 15, 2021. It is understandable since the streaming platform is working on building the most accomplished recent horror catalog to find at the moment, and the movie has had some publicity. But, as a part of the audience, I would totally recommend skipping this one. There is much more out there in the platform worth our time and energy than a dull movie that would make us feel like we are wasting our time and we will instantly forget.

RATE: 3/10


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