Time Now (2021)

Time Now (2021) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Time Now
Year: 2021
Country: USA
Director: Spencer King
Main cast: Eleanor Lambert, Claudia Black, Xxavier Polk, Paige Kendrick
Runtime: 90 minutes
Production company: Disarming Films


Perhaps Time Now (2021) is a movie that is much closer to the terrains of a drama than a thriller, and for sure it is far from any kind of horror. But it is still a well-built drama, where one can identify with the torments the main character is going through so when the final climax happens, despite the tragic and deadly of the conclusions, everything seems to be in order. Also, it is filmed darkly and oppressively showing the decadence of a city like Detroit, in the USA, that once was a symbol for progress and prosperity and now it is some sort of a bankrupt dump.

Spencer King is the writer and director of the film, and he manages to imprint lots of personality in it. The conversations are smart and fluid, and the whole story is totally credible, one can easily take it as its own. He might not dig much into the lives of the characters so the watching never gets confusing, and yet he manages to make the scenario, with all its components, very natural and familiar.

In a visual aspect, the neon and colorful lights try to make their way through the darkness that is surrounding all the film, but they remain as mere decoration tricks. They manage to bring a little bit of life to the monotone obscure ambient of the city, but darkness wins. And that serves perfectly as a metaphor for what happens in the film. The protagonist is going through a very tough life and she might see a few green sprouts, but the darkness of her past will always prevail.

Time Now (2021) centers on a young single mother going back to her hometown in Detroit when she gets the notice that her twin brother has been killed in a tragic car accident. She brings her kid son to her dysfunctional family for them to see them for the first time. And as she explores the circle of friends from her deceased brother she starts to discover who he really was while she starts to make some new friends.

The main character in Time Now (2021) is Jenny, played by Eleanor Lambert, the daughter of popular actors Christopher Lambert and Diane Lane. And despite being this only her second feature film, and the first one where she plays the lead figure, she seems to fit perfectly in the role. She manages to bring to the character all the different layers it needs for all the different moments and situations she goes through in the movie. Lambert is just starting in the business and she already shows better acting skills than her father, I guess she took the talent from her mother’s side. The rest of the actors populating the film also accomplish with their duties providing solid performances; a small set of characters, all of them with their own stories, their secrets, and their life aspirations, that try to bring some life to the near-dead streets of Detroit.

Time Now (2021) is a good drama thriller. It is simple, but it still has room for some surprises. It is the story of a young woman who already gave up on life and the young people struggling to survive and make something worth in a decadent environment. Still, it never tries to get depressive or moral, it just shows a piece of the lives of that group of young people dealing with the devastating aftermath of the death of one of their loved ones. But darkness is always there, and it will eventually take over. We better keep that in mind.

RATE: 6/10

IMDB URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt10482844

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