A man is trapped in his apartment by supernatural forces in “In the Trap”

A man is trapped in his apartment by supernatural forces in "In the Trap"

Yes, these coronavirus times are strange. All this isolation and containment, the quarantine, people are going crazy and complaining about having to stay locked home for some weeks, maybe months. But the protagonist of today’s article might have a slightly worse situation, being prisoner in his own home by supernatural forces.

In the Trap (2019) is a chillingly claustrophobic take on demonic possession and the nature of faith. The story centers Philip, a young proofreader who has been living in a self-imposed prison. Convinced that an evil force wants to take possession of his soul, he secludes himself in his childhood apartment, the only place where he thinks he’s able to keep himself safe. But a meeting with a mysteriously alluring young woman makes him question his beliefs – have the demons that have haunted him all his life been simply a product of his own imagination, or is this new temptation yet another trap the devil has set for him?

In the Trap (2019) is the new title from director Alessio Liguori after the science-fiction thriller Report 51 (2013). It’s based on a story conceived by the director together with his frequent collaborator Daniele Cosci, who has penned the screenplay. The movie is starred by Jamie Paul, David Bailie, Paola Bontempi, Robert Nairne, Sonya Cullingford, Delena Kidd, Miriam Galanti, Jude Forsey, Amelia Clay, and Leila Gauntlett.

This Italian production shot in the English language has been in several international film festivals, including Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, and Cleveland International Film Festival. This week it is was supposed to be part of the Brussel International Fantastic Film Festival, but the event got canceled due to this corona-reason we all know. But if you want to watch the film from your home, it is already available on digital platforms and DVD since the last 10th of April via Dark Sky Films. Here you can watch the official trailer of In the Trap (2019).