A strange artifact and an alien conspiracy are the center of SciFi thriller “Monolith”

A strange artifact and an alien conspiracy are the center of SciFi thriller "Monolith"

Who said you need lots of money and constant special effects to build an exciting science-fiction movie? Monolith (2022) proves otherwise. This is the story of a headstrong journalist whose investigative podcast uncovers a strange artifact, an alien conspiracy, and the lies at the heart of her own story.

The movie is a bold science fiction thriller featuring one woman, one location, and a mystery uncovered through audio – in which a young journalist discovers a strange artifact and begins to convince herself it is evidence of an alien conspiracy. Recently disgraced and desperate for a story, The Interviewer holes herself up in her parents’ luxurious home and gets to work on the only job she can get – hosting a clickbait investigative podcast. When she receives an anonymous email leading her to a retired housekeeper who claims her life has been destroyed by a strange black brick, The Interviewer embarks on a mystery that leads her down a rabbit hole of truth and lies at the heart of her own story.

Lily Sullivan, who soon we will see starring in Evil Dead Rise (2023), plays the role of The Interviewer, the main protagonist of Monolith (2022), which also features Ling Cooper Tang, Ansuya Nathan, Erik Thomson, Terence Crawford, Matt Crook, and Kate Box.

Matt Vesely debuts directing a feature film with a screenplay written by Lucy Campbell.

Monolith (2022) had its world premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival on October 27, 2022, and this week is being part of the South by Southwest Film Festival line-up in the Midnighters section. The movie will be accompanied by the conference DIY Sci-Fi: How Constraints Lead to Creativity where the filmmakers will discuss the making of their film together with David Baxter (the producer of Archenemy (2020)), Franklin Ritch (the writer and director of The Artifice Girl (2022)), and Ashleigh Snead (the Director of Production in Paper Street Pictures, the company behind The Ranger (2018), Scare Package (2019), The Pale Door (2020), Revealer (2022), and many others).

Watch the official trailer for Monolith (2022) by XYZ Films.