“After The Lethargy” will premiere worldwide at Fantaspoa 2018

"After The Lethargy" will premiere worldwide at Fantaspoa 2018

After the Lethargy (2018) is the second feature film of Catalan filmmaker Marc Carreté. He also created the concept story and the script for this called “disturbing aliens tale”. The plot centers around a young girl who travels to the hot spot where one of the most extraordinary contacts with extraterrestrials in history supposedly took place. A forest ranger and a sinister villager, accompany the girl, helping her to overcome the dangers that nature entails. However, despite good intentions, they will soon be attacked by a creature that lives in the depths of the forest, being forced to take refuge in an old abandoned military barracks. The police confirm the presence of an “86-Code” in the National Park. A beast, coming from another world, could have woken up from its lethargy.

After the Lethargy (2018) will have its world premiere this next weekend as part of the lineup of Fantaspoa International Fantastic Film Festival 2018, one of the most important genre festivals in Latin America. Director Marc Carreté is well known in the Brazilian festival since his debut film Asmodexia (2014) was also screened there in the Iberoamerican Competition section achieving the Jury Award for best director.

Filmed entirely in English language and spotting locations in the woods surrounding the Barcelona area, After the Lethargy (2018) is starred by an international cast including Andrea Guasch, Liliana Cabal, Mark Schardan, Joe Manjón, Lucy Tillett, Sue Flack, Julius Cotter, Carlus Fàbrega and Ben Vinnicombe. The movie is produced by Creatures of the Dark, the company owned by Carreté.

Here you can check out the trailer for After the Lethargy (2018):

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