“Ape vs. Monster”: Two gigantic creatures in a deadly fight

"Ape vs. Monster": Two gigantic creatures in a deadly fight

The Asylum has done it again. The low-cost, low-imagination, and low-expectations version of the Hollywood blockbuster Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) has already seen the light under the name of Ape vs. Monster (2021).

In it, an ape crash-lands on Earth, which creates a sludge that makes him and a passing scorpion grow to giant-size, resulting in a fight for dominance. And, of course, the military and some weird scientists are also involved.

The movie is directed by Daniel Lusko, responsible for other The Asylum titles like the Top Gun rip-off Top Gunner (2020), Mommy Would Never Hurt You (2019), and 500 MPH Storm (2013). George Michael Phillips debuts as the writer of the screenplay.

Quinn Baker, Rudy Bentz, Buck Burns, Malcolm Green, Shayne Hartigan, Narek Kirakossian, Gregg Marcantel, Case Matthews, Irina Pickard, Arianna Scott, Katie Sereika, and, of course, Eric Roberts omnipresent in these kinds of productions form the main cast.

The movie premiered on April 30, 201 on the regular The Asylum distribution channels. Here you can watch the official trailer for Ape vs. Monster (2021).