Awards-winner thriller “Dogs” is in American theaters in September

Awards-winner thriller "Dogs" is in American theaters in September
Gheorghe Visu in Dogs (2016). © Photo Credit: Iulia Weiss

Romanian filmmaker Bogdan Mirica made one of the most acclaimed directorial debuts of recent years. His first feature film Dogs (2016) was the winner of the FIPRESCI Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, and was called “a promising first feature that skillfully mixes crime and western genres, giving us insight into conflicts of contemporary Romania”. And, after achieving more awards and nominations in several other film festivals it is finally scheduled for a release this September.

In the movie, while selling off Uncle Alecu’s property, Roman learns that the land came into his family under murky circumstances. Then, after coming upon mysterious midnight meetings on the land, Roman discovers exactly what happened on Uncle Alecu’s watch, and why it will be both difficult and dangerous to sell his land: The squatters, led by the fearsome Samir, are a gang of criminals so dangerous that the local police captain is powerless to protect him. After his friend disappears and the detached, chewed-up foot washes up, Roman must either cut his losses or stay and fight.

Written and directed by Bogdan Mirica, the movie is starring Dragoș Bucur, the protagonist of the classic Romanian noir Police, Adjective (2009), Vlad Ivanov, known for Bong Joon Ho’s science-fiction thriller Snowpiercer (2013) and Larysa Kondracki’s crime drama The Whistleblower (2010), and Romanian cinema legend Gheorghe Visu. Costel Cascaval, Constantin Cojocaru, Raluca Aprodu, Emilian Oprea, Catalin Paraschiv, and Valeri Yordanov complete the main cast.

After its pass on international film festivals like Transilvania International Film Festival, Sarajevo International Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Stockholm International Film Festival, Denver International Film Festival, Ljubljana International Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, and International Film Festival Rotterdam, to name a few, and being released theatrically in some countries, Dogs (2016) opens in American theatres and virtual cinemas on Friday, September 10, 2021.

Here you can watch the official US trailer for Dogs (2016).

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