New trailer for “Searching”, a cyber-thriller starring John Cho

New trailer for "Searching", a cyber-thriller starring John Cho

I can imagine this is one of the biggest nightmares of parents of teenagers nowadays. In Searching (2018), a 16-year-old girl goes missing. The police open an investigation, the detectives follow the different procedures and try to collect as many clues as possible. But 37 hours later there is no evidence of where the girl is. Then is when the father makes the decision of doing his own search and tries his luck on something the police didn’t think of investigating: his daughter’s laptop. That little machine that has become our best friend, our main tool of communication and entertainment. Our virtual, or not so virtual, personal diary.

Terrifying start point if you are a parent, eh? Well, that’s what director and co-writer Aneesh Chaganty thought so he chooses this as the motive of his debut feature film. And regarding the good reception he has achieved with the movie one could think it wasn’t a bad choice! Premiered this year at Sundance Film Festival, Searching (2018) achieved the Best Screenplay and Audience Award at the festival. The movie has also been screened at numerous other festivals like San Francisco International Film Festival, Chicago Critics Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival where it was a finalist for the Audience Award, and this week will be part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival lineup.

John Cho, better known for his Harold & Kumar comedy series of films, and for being the new Sulu in the Star Trek movie franchise reboot, plays here the concerned father. With him, Debra Messing, Joseph Lee, Michelle La, Sara Sohn and Thomas Barbusca also star.

Searching (2018) is scheduled to open in theaters this August in Portugal, Germany, UK and USA, and in September in Italy, Netherlands, Netherlands, Russia, Poland and Spain among other territories. Here you can check out the new official trailer for the movie:

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