“El Hombre Búfalo”: A journalist gets obsessed with an elderly homeless man

"El Hombre Búfalo": A journalist gets obsessed with an elderly homeless man

El Hombre Búfalo (2020) is a movie with crime, drama, and lots of fantasy. In it, a man embarks on a search for justice that leads him to a mythological entity. The movie underscores the grave dangers of investigative journalism in Mexico.

Inspired by true events, El Hombre Búfalo (2020) follows Eric, a driven young journalist in Mexico City who focuses on inequality, abuse of authority, and other issues that seem to place him directly in the crosshairs of some very dangerous people. Though he’s about to uncover a criminal open-pit mining venture, after receiving multiple death threats, he reconsiders his line of work. However, after becoming obsessed with the urban legend of “the Buffalo Man” a mythical being who takes care of abandoned children, he decides to write again, even if it costs him his life.

This is the debut feature film from writer, editor, cinematographer, and director David Torres, whose short film Mezcal (2006) achieved some recognition in the local circuits. The cast is formed by Raúl Briones, Sofia Alvarez, Antonio Monroi, Verónica Bravo, José Luis Pérez, Ana Clara Castañón, Atanasio Cadena, and Carmen Giménez Cacho.

El Hombre Búfalo (2020) was part of the Festival Internacional Cine del Mar in Uruguay in August 2020. The movie got some positive reviews, and it’s been quoted as “a film where real horror and indifference goes hand in hand… Excellent” by Midnight Movies, and stated that it “evokes an almost-Lynchian mood that succeeds at creating a feeling that draws us in and keeps us engaged” by The Sound View. Now, it is scheduled to be out on DVD and digital by Indiepix Films on November 30, 2021.

Here you can watch the official trailer for El Hombre Búfalo (2020).