Evil spirits look for new victims in horror films “Companion” and “Sin”

Evil spirits look for new victims in horror films "Companion" and "Sin"

Oh, the spirits, those mischievous evil spirits. Here we present a couple of propositions that have been recently released digitally where the supernatural is ramping being a pain in the ass as they please.

In Companion (2021), set in 2030, society fell as malicious entities appeared around the world. The survivors must fight each other and the dead. Across this brutal landscape, Ella Grace’s burden of guilt is exposed. The past, and the horrors of what she will become, force Ella to kill what she loves in order to discover the terrifying meaning of the ghosts that feed on her fear.

This is the new movie by writer and director John Darbonne. Anna Flynn, Marcus Anthony, Russell Shealy, Eric Hanson, Stephen Brodie, and Cody Renee Cameron form the main cast.

Here you can watch the trailer for Companion (2021).t;

On the other side, in Sin (2021), an entity is terrorizing a small Midwest town. Ludlow Falls continues to descend into madness and death as more young women are driven insane. Sometimes small towns hide big secrets and a town’s sin will be exposed.

Don Tjernagel, a filmmaker more used to comedy but that already crossed paths to horror with his previous film Red (2020), has been the writer and director of Sin (2021). The main cast is formed by Jamie Doroslovac, Deandre Sipthekid Smith, Bram Zwingli, Corey Kerr, Cassi McMullen, Brooke Estes, Kenyon Scott, Arnela Osmicevic, Brodie Blubaugh, and the director Don Tjernagel in the role of Minister.

Here you can watch the trailer for Sin (2021).

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