Her own ghost investigates her murder in “Double Walker”

Her own ghost investigates her murder in "Double Walker"
Sylvie Mix in Double Walker (2021). Photo © Boglos LLC 2021

One of the headlines of the movie Double Walker (2021) reads “She was given two choices: live one more day as a human, or live forever as a ghost. She chose the latter“. Catchy, direct, captivating. Let’s know a little more about this movie.

Double Walker (2021) is the new feature film of the director Colin West, nominated for awards for his short films A Time Forever Before (2018) and Here & Beyond (2018), and whose works have been present in festivals like Fantasia, Raindance, Cinequest, and Chicago Underground, among others. He has been the writer of the story with the star of the film, the producer and musician Sylvie Mix.

The movie centers on a young Ghost, who haunts her cold Midwestern hometown, trying to piece together the horrific flashes of memories from her past. One by one she kills the men she believes were responsible for her death, though her plan is derailed when she meets Jack, a kind movie theater usher who inadvertently intercepts as she’s stalking her next victim. While Jack takes her in and offers her a glimpse at a normal life, her desire to avenge her own murder lingers on.

Sylvie Mix, who debuted as an actress starring in the awards-winner alternative drama Poser (2021), plays the role of the young Ghost. Together with her, Justin Rose, Quinn Armstrong, Maika Carter, Jacob Rice, Joseph Moreland, and Darryl A Wright complete the main cast.

Double Walker (2021) is scheduled for a limited theatrical release (you can check the available venues here) and on digital, AppleTV/iTunes, on November 12, 2021, by Cranked Up Films. Here you. Watch here its official trailer.