Horror-action “Chinese Speaking Vampires” is out this weekend

Horror-action "Chinese Speaking Vampires" is out this weekend
Jeff McDonald and Daniela Brown in Chinese Speaking Vampires (2021)

If geopolitics experts are right, China will be soon the economic leader of the world. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea that we all start to learn how to speak Chinese. Apparently, vampires have already started taking their lessons, or at least that’s what we’ll get in Chinese Speaking Vampires (2021).

This action and horror comedy centers on a desperate actor who becomes a vampire and uses his new powers to land a movie role and the girl, but then must choose between life and the undead.

Randy Kent, an awards-winner filmmaker responsible for titles like Life of Lemon (2011), The Perfect House (2013), Shadow of the Monarch (2017), and Blood Tulips (2019), has been the director of Chinese Speaking Vampires (2021). Actor and writer Davy Williams has signed the screenplay.

Together with writer Davy Williams, the movie is starred by Sean Eden Yi, Daniela Brown, June Lee, Richard Gavigan, Brandon Lamberty, Jeff McDonald, Rezzan Denizmen, Jerimiyah Dunbar, Raven Armando Astone, Chris Cleveland, Crystal Huang, Keely Dervin, Anthony Lien, and Jon W Harris.

Chinese Speaking Vampires (2021) is scheduled for an internet release on January 10, 2021. Here you can watch its trailer.

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