Horror anthology “Grave Intentions” is out this October

Horror anthology "Grave Intentions" is out this October

The endeared and very missed veteran actor Robert Forster was quite active in the last years of his career. That is why despite his demise already 2 years ago we are still seeing the release of new works of his, although he will always remain in our memories for his astonishing performances in Jackie Brown (1997), Mulholland Drive (2001), and Twin Peaks (2017) where he incarnated Sheriff Frank Truman. Horror anthology Grave Intentions (2021) is the last project he was involved in.

In this anthology of chills, thrills, and kills, a practitioner of the magical arts teaches the basics of her craft. The most important lesson? You must be mindful of your intention. Five of her customers are about to learn this the hard way: A woman looking to change her luck gets ensnared in a dangerous game; In the quest for justice, a man is transformed into a monster; In an attempt to right a wrong, a woman rescues a stray cat; A father and son are torn apart when a joke goes too far; A young girl needs protection from the demons in her life. We all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions, so where does the road lead when your intentions are grave?

The line-up of directors of the six segments that form the anthology, all of them debuting in a feature film, consists of Lukas Hassel, Brian Patrick Lim, Gabriel Olson, Matthew Richards, Brian Rish and Jocelyn Rish, and Jaime Snyder.

Besides the presence of Robert Forster in the segment The Bridge Partner, the rest of the cast is formed by Astarte Abraham, Johanah Basanta, Colleen Carey, Catherine Carlen, Kevin Dee, Gregory J. Fryer, Beth Grant, Lukas Hassel, Sharon Lawrence, Sharva Maynard, and Christopher Morson.

Grave Intentions (2021) is scheduled for a digital release on October 15, 2021. Watch its trailer here.