John Leguizamo commits a brutal revenge crime in thriller “Dark Blood”

John Leguizamo commits a brutal revenge crime in thriller "Dark Blood"
John Leguizamo is a father who takes revenge on the killer of his son in crime thriller "Dark Blood". The movie is out tomorrow September 10 on digital. Read more about it here and watch the trailer -

Harold Trompetero is a colombian filmmaker that has made a solid career in the terrains of drama and romance and has achieved big popularity with his award-winner films Diástole y sístole: Los movimientos del corazón (2000) and Violeta de mil colores (2005). Now, he has made a turn in his trajectory being behind a gritty thriller film where a father is imprisoned after committing a brutal revenge crime.

In Dark Blood (2021), Misael is imprisoned in Colombia waiting to be sentenced for a revenge crime against the man who killed his child. During his confinement, he must adapt to a new life of abuse, including injury and humiliation by guards and other prisoners. His former life starts to become a distant memory as he is forgotten by his loved ones, Misael, lonely and abandoned, finds affection and tenderness in Sarna, the dog of the prison.

Having risen popularity in many Hollywood movies since the 1990s, having starred in titles like Super Mario Bros. (1993), Carlito’s Way (1993), Spawn (1997), Summer of Sam (1999), Spun (2002), Land of the Dead (2005), The Happening (2008), and John Wick (2014), John Leguizamo returns to his homeland Colombia to lead the cast of this film. Together with him, Adriana Barraza, Ramiro Meneses, Hernán Méndez, Álvaro Rodríguez, and María Nela Sinisterra also star.

The director Harold Trompetero is also co-writer of the screenplay together with Jeiver Pinto and Gerardo Pinzon. The movie is scheduled for a digital release on September 10, 2021. Here you can watch the official trailer for Dark Blood (2021).