“Lunatics: A Love Story”, with Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell, will be finally released on DVD

"Lunatics: A Love Story", with Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell, will be finally released on DVD

For many it is called a cult classic, that’s why it’s strange that a movie like Lunatics: A Love Story (1991) has never been released on DVD. The most avid collectors only had the chance to own it as a VHS cassette. But that is soon to change since Australian company Umbrella Entertainment has announced they are preparing a DVD release of the movie scheduled for this November.

Lunatics: A Love Story (1991) was written and directed by Josh Becker, a frequent collaborator in the Raimi/Campbell orbit. He’s been friends of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell since their early amateur short films back in the 1970s and also was part of the team working in their big hits The Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead II (1987), Darkman (1990) and Army of Darkness (1992). As a director, he has been behind movies like Running Time (1997) and Alien Apocalypse (2005), or some episodes from TV series like Jack of All Trades (2000) or Xena: Warrior Princess (1995–2001), all of them starring Bruce Campbell.

In Lunatics: A Love Story (1991), a delusional and paranoid poet has spent six months without leaving his apartment because of his paranoid delusions involving sadistic doctors, rappers, and spiders. A woman who seems to jinx things by wanting to help is dumped by her boyfriend and finds herself penniless on the streets, and soon runs afoul of a local gang. Due to a telephone glitch, the man calls her at a phone booth trying to dial a “talk line” and invites her to his place. There they must help each other to overcome their respective problems.

Ted Raimi, Deborah Foreman and a Bruce Campbell out of control playing several roles are the stars of this fantasy comedy. I bet I got your attention and now you want to see more of this. Well, check out the trailer for the movie and start saving your money for when the DVD comes out! You can pre-order it here.