Psychopaths get together in “Crazy 2 Crazy”

Psychopaths get together in "Crazy 2 Crazy"

What happens when a psychopath meets an all-American family of psychopaths? In Crazy 2 Crazy (2021) we meet Eugene, a psychotic low-life whose addictions include drugs, alcohol, and sex. When he finds his next fix, a beautiful real estate agent named Mary, he finds she’s not what he expected. Eugene is about to find out sometimes crazy meets crazy.

The movie is the new work from filmmaker Greg Daniel, after being responsible for psychological horror-thriller Carl (2012) a decade ago.

Mark Ashworth, Robert Pralgo, Marla Malcolm, Carole Kaboya, Adam Minarovich, Keith Brooks, Robert Hatch, and Abbey Kochman form the main cast of this crazed horror-thriller.

Crazy 2 Crazy (2021) is scheduled to be available on Video on Demand on January 19, 2021. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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