Sitges Film Festival 2018 – Day 10: The 51st Edition Awards

Sitges Film Festival 2018 – Day 10: The 51st Edition Awards

After 10 exciting as well as exhausting days at the fantastic film festival (as it always happens in Sitges, the non-stop program is like an endurance test that comes at this late point of the year), with many great films and memorable guests, we finally reached the closing time at the ceremony Awards. On top of it stands Gaspar Noé and his Climax (2018) [read the full review here] which won for best feature film. With his impressive camera and vision, it’s a well-deserved prize for this sensorial story from the always surprising director.

Following close, a very different cinema proposal which already caught all attention at Cannes (where it won for best screenplay), Lazzaro Felice (2018) by Italian director Alice Rohrwacher, wons here the Special Jury Award, the Critics’ Award, and the Carnet Jove Jury Award. A film certainly not to be missed this year.

And another good surprise, Panos Cosmatos won for best direction with his Mandy (2018); we’re happy this dark story managed to get a well-deserved acknowledgment. With just his second feature film, he already proved himself as a skilled storytelling with a very particular vision of cinema. Looking forward to keeping track on his upcoming career.

Other award highlights we would like to mention are the one for Best Screenplay, that went for Au poste! (2018), by Quentin Dupieux, the original director that many will know for Rubber (2010), the killer tire; the Grand Audience Award for Upgrade (2018); and from the New Visions section, the best direction for Philip Groning and his My Brother’s Name is Robert and he’s an Idiot (2018), as well as the special mention for best actress to Jessie Buckley, for Beast (2017) [we talk about it in this article]. The Blood Window awarded Muere, Monstruo, Muere (2018) by Alejandro Fadel, the best feature-length film [read about it in this article]. In Òrbita section, the winner for Best Feature is Bart Layton’s American Animals (2018).

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