Sitges-winner Argentinian revenge thriller “The Attachment Diaries” is out on digital this April

Sitges-winner Argentinian revenge thriller "The Attachment Diaries" is out on digital this April
Jimena Anganuzzi and Lola Berthet in The Attachment Diaries (2021)

Perhaps better known for its festivals run and releases in Latin American countries with its original Spanish language title El Apego, The Attachment Diaries (2021) is a drama and mystery thriller about two troubled women on the edge and see their lives intertwined when they embark on a vicious crusade of revenge, fueled by shifting passions and haunting secrets.

Set in Argentina, in the 1970s, a desperate young woman goes to a clinic to have a clandestine abortion. As her pregnancy is already through the fourth month, the doctor refuses. Instead, she proposes to sell the baby to one of her clients and offers to provide shelter in her house until the child is born. Their disturbed personalities will become intertwined in a strange and dangerous relationship.

This is the latest movie of the writer, director, and producer Valentín Javier Diment, a prolific awards-winner fimmaker who has been behind the horror titles El sentido del miedo (2007), The Owner (2008), Memory of the Dead (2011), The Rotten Link (2015), and the documentaries Parapolicial Negro: Apuntes para una prehistoria de la triple A (2010), El sistema Gorevisión: Cine z, micropolítica y rocanrol (2015), and La Feliz, continuidades de la violencia (2019).

Jimena Anganuzzi, Lola Berthet, Edgardo Castro, Germán De Silva, Marcela Guerty, Marta Haller, Andrea Nussenbaum, Elvira Onetto, and Luis Ziembrowski star in The Attachment Diaries (2021).

The movie has taken part in the festivals OUTshine Film Festival, winning the Jury Special Mention award, Sitges Film Festival winning the New Visions award for Best Motion Picture, Guadalajara Film Festival, and Ventana Sur. has stated that “there’s a fearlessness to The Attachment Diaries (2021) that sees it power ahead without letting us pause to take a breath, and its determination and originality explode on the screen in something altogether wild”, and Cinapse stated that “The Attachment Diaries (2021) is about as politically charged as any film can get in this day and age, and it does so with an amazing amount of style and pause”.

Dark Sky Films has the distribution rights for the movie and will release it on digital and Video on Demand on April 21, 2023.

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