Supernatural mysteries to get solved in “Paranormal Prison”

Supernatural mysteries to get solved in "Paranormal Prison"

Did you know it? Have you checked it? There are several videos and entire channels on YouTube dedicated to paranormal investigations. Some of them try to be serious, some others are parodies, but it is indeed a kind of content that has a wide group of creators and more followers than you could suspect in the first place. So, as an imitation for real life, and polished with plots and drama to become a good entertainment product, movies get inspired by real-life again.

In Paranormal Prison (2021) a paranormal investigation YouTube channel is getting ready to shut down if they don’t have a video that goes viral in time. In this last-ditch attempt, a long-time mystery is solved.

The impending demolition of an abandoned prison has the paranormal investigation team “The Skeptic and the Scientist” rushed to spend a locked-in night within the prison’s walls before the wrecking balls start swinging turning the now state historical building into condos. Knowing their channel needs views, team leader Matthew funds one last-ditch effort in hopes the device science expert Sara has invented will be their ticket to fame and fortune. Along with their sound technician Ashley, cameraman Jacob and guided by their assigned park ranger, the team recorded everything, hoping to capture elusive spirits. What they captured instead will change paranormal investigation forever, and may have even solved a long-standing mystery.

Actor and filmmaker Brian Jagger debuts as director of a feature film with Paranormal Prison (2021). He has also been co-writer of the screenplay together with Randall Reese. Todd Haberkorn, Paris Warner, Corynn Treadwell, Brian Telestai, Sarah C. Patterson, Easton Lay, and Don Shanks for the main cast for the movie.

Paranormal Prison (2021) opens in select theaters and arrives on VOD on February 19, 2021. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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