The demon of Amityville strikes again in “Ghosts of Amityville”

The demon of Amityville strikes again in "Ghosts of Amityville"

The horror novel The Amityville Horror, written by American author Jay Anson and published in September 1977, has become the source of inspiration for numerous horror films including its cinematographic adaptation The Amityville Horror (1979), directed by Stuart Rosenberg and starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder, and its many sequels. And this year it can’t be any different, and we are having a series of movies related to the supernatural house, Amityville Thanksgiving (2022), Amityville in Space (2022), and, now, Ghosts of Amityville (2022).

Ghosts of Amityville (2022) centers on 8-year-old Olivia who following the tragic death of her mother soon discovers the demon of Amityville is manifesting itself as a clown.

This is the new movie of writer and director Jt Kris, whose previous work was I Think We’re Alone Now (2020).

The main cast of Ghosts of Amityville (2022) is formed by Junie Liv Thomasson, Jonas Thomasson, Lina K. Marshall, Agneta Elisabeth, Anne-Marie Piwell, and Kevin Marshall.

HH Entertainment Group is producing and Wild Eye Releasing is distributing. The movie is scheduled for a digital release on November 22, 2022, including on Amazon Prime Video, and DVD and Blu-Ray release on the same day.

Watch the official trailer for Ghosts of Amityville (2022) here.